Colwell’s Ginseng

Denny Colwell, Owner
New Bethlehem, PA. 16242
Phone: (814) 275-4710
[email protected]

Ginseng Garden - Colwells Ginseng


Denny Colwell,  owner of Colwell’s Ginseng, grows wild simulated ginseng in the heart of Western Pennsylvania Appalachian Mountains

I am the 3rd generation of ginseng growers & my sons & grandson are active in my business.  My granddad started growing ginseng many years ago, giving us a family tradition of growing ginseng for over 80 years, using the knowledge & experience to grow ginseng as close to wild ginseng as possible. That knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. The Pennsylvania Appalachian soil, enables our family to grow some of the finest wild simulated ginseng in the Appalachia Mountain Region.

I welcome you to contact me with any questions or feedback for how we can serve your Ginseng needs better.

Denny Colwell, Owner
Colwell’s Ginseng
Office: (814) 275-4710 or Cell: (814) 227-5396


  • Forest Grown Wild Simulated Ginseng.

  • 3rd Generation ginseng grower, family-owned business.

  • Over 80+ years of family experience growing ginseng.

  • Pennsylvania-Appalachian Mountain Region high quality Wild Simulated Ginseng.

  • Products available for ALL your Ginseng needs.