Ginseng Seed 1/4 lb

$57.50 $47.50

We ship seed upon request thru the summer, then every Tuesday starting Sept. 1st until we are sold out. WE ONLY SELL SEED FOR SUMMER & FALL PLANTING.

SEED – 1/4 pound
(approx. 1800 seed)
10.00 shipping


Our Stratified ginseng seed averages 6500-7000 ginseng seeds per pound. We only have stratified ginseng seed for sale that has been in sand for one winter so it should sprout after the next winter. We sow seed any time starting late summer thru the end of the year, however we recommend fall planting, so the seed is in the ground all winter if possible.

For seed orders over 5 pounds, please contact us for pricing.

We only ship our products within the United States.