Wild Reishi Mushroom Extract – Tincture 2 fl oz


Our Wild Reishi Mushroom Extract-Tincture is made using quality all natural American Wild Reishi Mushrooms harvested in the Appalachian Forest of Western Pennsylvania.

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Wild Reishi Mushroom Extract – Tincture 

 The Wild Red Reishi Mushroom is unique in its ability to help support a balanced immune system. Herbalists rely on this mushroom to evoke a calm response towards life’s everyday stresses.   Like American Ginseng,  American Wild Reishi also helps support healthy energy levels, which is why like American Ginseng, American Wild Reishi Mushroom is used in many traditional Chinese health formulas, making for an excellent all-around tonic invoking a positive impact on ones  peace of mind, joy, emotional stability, optimism, sleep, clarity of thought, and more. Wild Reishi is said to have excellent effects on all the systems of the body, making a great all around tonic.