We are glad to offer Wild Ginseng Leaves, American Ginseng & Wild Reishi Extracts as new products.    Thanks to all of our customers!

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Colwell’s Ginseng is a family run ginseng farm with 3 generations of experience growing  wild simulated ginseng in the heart of Central Western Pennsylvania Appalachian Mountains.

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Ginseng Berry Juice Concentrate,  American Ginseng  & Wild Reishi Extracts, Wild Ginseng Leaves, Wild Simulated Ginseng Root, Stratified Ginseng Seeds, Ginseng Rootlets, Stratified Ginseng Seed & Rootlet Grower Kits,  &  more!

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If you have questions about our products or services, contact Colwell’s Ginseng and we will be glad to help with any questions you might have and products or services you might need!

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We are now accepting  Ginseng Seed , Ginseng Rootlet, & Grower Kit  Pre- Orders for the Fall Planting Season ..Thanks to all of our customers!