Ginseng Rootlet Combo Packets

We will start accepting paid Pre-Orders for the 2020 Fall Planting Season soon!

Responding to our customers requests seeking a variety of ginseng rootlets in one packet,  we now offer a combination of……..  3, 4, & 5 yr old, or  4 & 5yr old forest grown ginseng rootlets, not field cultivated rootlets,  together in,    Ginseng Rootlet Combo Packets !

We start to ship ginseng rootlets after the 1st week of Sept….. for fall planting only!!

For more Great Savings on Ginseng Seed & Rootlets together,  Please click on…..Ginseng Grower Kits

All paid pre-orders of ginseng seed, rootlets, or kits, over $75  will receive absolutely FREE , 1 oz (approx. 500)  of ginseng seed.